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Main Street, Gweru

Rosemond Park


  • On offer currently are residential stands of 300sqm at Rosemond Park which is geographically located 6km south west of Gweru CBD.
  • We have a promotional package with deposits from as low as $500 and monthly subscription of $100.
  • Massive discounts for those who make a once off payment for their stand.
  • You can start building once you make payments constituting to 50% of the total cost of your stand.
  • We offer flexible payment plans which individually suit our clients with clients having up to 60 months to pay.
  • Rosemond park area boosts high quality soils which do not need reinforced foundations therefore costing the customer less during construction. The area also has rich top soil which is suitable for home gardening.
  • Tittle deeds will be facilitated immediately after payment is complete.
  • Roads being developed to tar levels
  • Streetlights will be available.
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